Robert Krant


About Robert Krant

Robert Krant is an e-commerce and finance professional based in New York City. Robert has over two decades of experience within the financial industry, giving him plenty of time to perfect his craft. He is a performance-driven leader. Robert has an established record of success in growing enterprise value, among other highlights.

As with many, Robert Krant’s career began with his education. He first attended Temple University in Philadelphia to obtain his Bachelor of Business Administration. He went to California to attend the University of Southern California. Here he received his master’s degree in Business Administration.

Robert Krant’s first financial position was at Philadelphia National Bank, now Wells Fargo. He started in the Management Trainee Program and eventually became Vice President and Manager of West Coast Corporate Banking. This transition took over seven years, during which he worked hard to improve his skills and knowledge. When the time was right, Robert moved on to City National Bank in Los Angeles. He spent another five years here as Senior Vice President. 

Robert Krant’s most recent position is Chief Digital & Financial Officer at Beauty Plus Salon, New York. This latest position once again required a significant move on Robert’s part, but he is happy with his new location. At Beauty Plus Salon, Robert is responsible for all e-commerce business and strategies, budgeting, digital marketing and planning, agency management, online user experiences, and more. Robert has put a lot of himself into boosting the e-commerce side of Beauty Plus Salon, including the initial launching of this side of the business. As such, it is something he is reasonably proud to be involved in. He hopes to see it continue to grow under his supervision.

Over the years, Robert Krant has accumulated many skills. His specialties include analytics, e-commerce, retail & consumer products, cross-functional, change management, and growth & expansion. 

Given his career path, Robert Krant enjoys staying up to date on world affairs and events. He firmly believes in staying updated, as one never knows what new developments may ultimately impact a business. Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever to read about world affairs. 

When Robert Krant isn’t busy working or reading the news, he likes to spend time working on his hobbies. His two favorite pastimes are cooking and skiing. The two may not seem related, but both provide the opportunity for new experiences, not to mention a chance to have fun and relax. Moving to New York has given Robert Krant more opportunities to enjoy the slopes, as there are many iconic mountains around for skiers to visit and enjoy. These mountains have quickly helped form wonderful new memories, which he hopes to add to.

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